20 Free Hours Of Online Social Media Lessons

Register Your School & Immediately Receive A Link To Send To All Your Students To Get Started!

Beauty As A Business wants to help beauty schools by offering 20 hours of awesome videos, quizzes, and worksheets absolutely free for their students. This will last as long as it needs to, or until things are back to normal from the COVID-19 outbreak. With these lessons, schools will also receive teacher lesson plans!

After you register your school, you will receive an email with 2 links to send to your students. One for BaaB’s 10 free hours, and one for Prosper U’s 10 free hours.

You will be contacted soon by a BaaB representative to get your teacher lesson plans, as well as some simple instructions/suggestions. We love our beauty school community, and want to help out any way we can!

Lesson Modules Students Will Be Receiving

Photography For Your Stylist Business

Photography & Video for Social Media

Students will enjoy learning framing, lighting, hardware, audio, software editing, and best practices for how to take the right photo and video for social media.

Online Reviews & Social Media Best Practices Training

Online Reviews Training

Online reviews help beauty pros get more clients. This reviews training will also help beauty schools get more enrollment leads from places like Google as students practice these new skills while in school.


Prosper U is giving away two free modules: Culture and Impacting Your Numbers. Founded and led by business expert and salon and school owner, Eric Fisher, we teach real-world, proven-to-work techniques for a lifelong career.